ロングプログラムが推奨される方法です。 オリジナルの基本的な5-オリジナルの18ハンドフォームからの動物の少林拳。
また、基本的な詠春拳と截拳道を教えています。 時間やアクセスが限られている方のために、特別にデザインされた短いプログラムを用意しています。 これらのプログラムは、長期学生のカリキュラムに含まれています。


We have several ways of learning essential personal defense.

The Long Program is the recommended way. The original fundamental 5-Animal Shaolin Kung fu from the original 18 hand form.
Also we teach basic Wing Chun as a basis for our blocks and the Concepts of Jeet Kune Do.

For our long term students and for people with limited time or access, we have specially designed short programs. These programs are included in the long-term student’s curricular.
All our programs emphasis our 5 principles/rules of Self Defense.
1. Always protect or occupy the centerline.
2. Forward momentum and get to the safe-zone (Backside of the opponent).
3. Get behind the energy or incoming force. Do not crash or wrestle.
4. Circles-Circles to reverse the energy flow, create momentum and also disorient the opponent.
5. Practice 2-man reflex-reaction drills for non-thought automatic muscle memory reaction. Also, sensitivity and direction awareness through touch (Chi Sao) drills.


-01 – M.U.S.T. (Minimal Urban Survival Training) (2-3 hour Seminar)

-02 – M.U.S.T.-Advanced – Essential Defense Workshop (6 hours and Certificate)

-03 – B.E.A.R. Basic Escape and Run (Certificate and Patch)

-04 – S.A.C.T. Seize and Control Tactics (Certificate and Patch)

-05 – Improvised Weapons (Certificate and Patch)

-06 – Improvised Weapons Instructor (Certificate and Patch)

-07 – F.A.S.T. Five Animal Survival Tactics (Certificate and Patch)

-08 – C.A.P.S. Chuntian Academy Protective Services (Bodyguard Training) (Certificate and Patch)

-09 – SHORT PROGRAM INSTRUCTORSHIP (Test, Apprenticeship, Certificate, Patch)

(Test, Supervised Apprenticeship, Certificate, Patch)

*Time for certain programs is variable, depending on the student, frequency of training and other factors.

All of our Instructors and Instructor trainees are members of our exclusive International Combat Martial Arts Instructor’s Association (ICMAIA)