中学生の部活 (Junior High School Extracurricular Club)!! Now Available!



– 護身術
– カンフー
– フォーム
– 伝統的な武器
– 予定されている展示会とデモ
– Mr. Plewes 先生は、国際的に認められた高水準の先生であり、殿堂賞を 2 回受賞しています。

Special Junior High School School Club.
– Goshinjitsu
– Kung Fu
– Forms
– Traditional Weapons
– Scheduled Exhibitions and Demos
– The teacher Mr. Plewes is a internationally recognized high level teacher and a two time Recipient of Hall of Fame awards.

ロングプログラムが推奨される方法です。 オリジナルの基本的な5-オリジナルの18ハンドフォームからの動物の少林拳。
また、基本的な詠春拳と截拳道を教えています。 時間やアクセスが限られている方のために、特別にデザインされた短いプログラムを用意しています。 これらのプログラムは、長期学生のカリキュラムに含まれています。


We have several ways of learning essential personal defense.

The Long Program is the recommended way. The original fundamental 5-Animal Shaolin Kung fu from the original 18 hand form.
Also we teach basic Wing Chun as a basis for our blocks and the Concepts of Jeet Kune Do.

For our long term students and for people with limited time or access, we have specially designed short programs. These programs are included in the long-term student’s curricular.
All our programs emphasis our 5 principles/rules of Self Defense.
1. Always protect or occupy the centerline.
2. Forward momentum and get to the safe-zone (Backside of the opponent).
3. Get behind the energy or incoming force. Do not crash or wrestle.
4. Circles-Circles to reverse the energy flow, create momentum and also disorient the opponent.
5. Practice 2-man reflex-reaction drills for non-thought automatic muscle memory reaction. Also, sensitivity and direction awareness through touch (Chi Sao) drills.


-01 – M.U.S.T. (Minimal Urban Survival Training) (2-3 hour Seminar)

-02 – M.U.S.T.-Advanced – Essential Defense Workshop (6 hours and Certificate)

-03 – B.E.A.R. Basic Escape and Run (Certificate and Patch)

-04 – S.A.C.T. Seize and Control Tactics (Certificate and Patch)

-05 – Improvised Weapons (Certificate and Patch)

-06 – Improvised Weapons Instructor (Certificate and Patch)

-07 – F.A.S.T. Five Animal Survival Tactics (Certificate and Patch)

-08 – C.A.P.S. Chuntian Academy Protective Services (Bodyguard Training) (Certificate and Patch)

-09 – SHORT PROGRAM INSTRUCTORSHIP (Test, Apprenticeship, Certificate, Patch)

(Test, Supervised Apprenticeship, Certificate, Patch)

*Time for certain programs is variable, depending on the student, frequency of training and other factors.

All of our Instructors and Instructor trainees are members of our exclusive International Combat Martial Arts Instructor’s Association (ICMAIA)


SHAOLIN WUXING WUSU KUNG FU (Five Animal) Complete original methods with fundamental Wing Chun, which is derived from the Snake and Crane of the 5-Animals as a close-range blocking and trapping augmentation. We also use Jeet Kune Do Concepts of Wing Chun as a blocking system and techniques that are proven, practical and applicable for you the individual in real world situations, and disregarding useless or difficult techniques. Refinement for the person based on body-type, age and agility.

Chuntian Academy only does practical, smart and street functional non-sport, kung fu-based self defense. A fusion of proven ancient martial arts, perfected close-range Hong Kong Gung fu, and Modern Defense Concepts.

General Level and Ranking System
Our ranking system is for our organization and based on completed training levels, attitude, maturity and other factors.
Our ranking system serves as both a reward and marker of prgress for the student, but also a training level indicator for instructors in large classes.
The colored belt/sashes are nature based metaphors for the students progress.
Each belt has 5 stripes/levels within the level. These level are symbolized by stripes on the belt. (i.e 3rd degree/stripe Green Sash/Belt.

New Student: White Sash – White symbolizes the snow of winter freezing the new seeds.
A progressive system of basic self defense. Escape and run focused. Seminar and workshop based. A must for everyone. Basic Escapes a Run (BEAR).
Long term students learn Lohan Shiba Shou – Shaolin 18 fist form.
Reward: Yellow Sash B.E.A.R. Patch.

Second Level:Yellow Sash – Yellow symbolizes the sun of the early spring, melting away the snow and the first warmth to the new seeds.
Training: Intercepting, seize/lock and controlling techniques. Significant self defense knowledge for all people, but essential for law enforcement and security professionals. Control based and non letal. Not over-kill like Krav Maga and other extreme defense ststems.

Third Level: Blue Sash- Blue symbolizes water and the Spring showers giving nourishment to the new seed.
Training:Third Form and Techniques and skills for those troublesome and fast punches and kicks that are difficult to catch. (LOOSER) A series of techniques in which you protect your head and duck and focus only on the opponent foot position and then attack and escape never looking up. This level reviews and breaks down all the Quans/Katas techniques and motions and the student with drills and repetitions will be able to apply with skill and understanding.

Fourth Level: Green Sash – Green symbolizes Growing of the new plant (student) Also included at this level is the S.A.C.T. Program and Patch (Seize and Control Tactics).
Training: Force taking. Violently seizing a dangerous opponent and controlling or neutralizing the threat.
The student will be skillful in all the Jishu or Waza techniques as well as pressure point and body point and reflex manipulation of the opponent. The student will start to understand the idea of simplicity and refinement.

Fifth Level: Brown Sash – Brown symbolizes the beginning of fall, falling of dead leaves symbolizes disregarding unneeded or useless techniques, ego and poor attitude. It is also the ending of the season cycle of the year. The student will start getting instructorship training (the new plant preparing winter new seeds.
Training: Dealing with life or death situations, weapons and multiple attackers.
The student will practice, practice, practice and learn the advanced 5 animal sets of the ways of the Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Crane and Leopard. After the knowledge of these forms, the prior sets and techniques will become clear.

Sixth Level: Black Sash – Apprentice, no stripes.
Teaching: Practice and constant review via teaching the first levels including diligent physical training and spiritual and mental training. Qigong, Taichi, Meditation included.
Training: Consist of teaching the student to become a balanced and knowledgeable teacher themselves and sending them on the right personal path to Master-ship, continued research and teaching.

Seventh Level: Black Sash-1 Stripe.
Training consists of gaining knowledge in 80 of the 108 techniques and maturing as a teacher and human being.
Promotion determined by Master of the program.

Eighth Level: Black Sash-2 Stripes.
Training consist of gaining good skill in 100 of 108 techniques and maturing as a teacher and human being.
Promotion determined by Master of the program.

Ninth Level: Black Sash-3 Stripes.
Training consist of gaining good skill in all 108 techniques and maturing as a teacher and human being.
Promotion determined by Master of the program.

Tenth Level: Black Sash-4 Stripes.
Training consist of gaining expertise in all 108 techniques and maturing as a teacher and human being. Promotion determined by Master of the program.
Completion of this level is the reward of the 5th and final student stripe from the senior most master. This is the completion of the technical requirements. The person is considered a FULL Teacher.
The new teacher must continue to improve and teach as they grow and mature in the way of martial arts which is also a way of life. Symbolizing teaching and time are the honorary Master Stripes.

(After legitimate completion of 5th Stripe Black, the new Full teacher takes in his own class. (Family)
Black – 6-Stripes (Master Teacher) Minimum 10 years. The teacher honestly and legitimately takes a new student from white to black belt.

Black – 7-Stripes (Assoc. Master)-After the first student achieves teacher-status. The master teacher takes another student honestly and legitimately from white to black. A new generation.

Black – 8-Stripes (Grandmaster)-Only One. After the first student achieves teacher-status. The master teacher takes another student honestly and legitimately from white to black. A new generation.

Black – 9-Stripes (Sr.Grandmaster) Only one. This is an generational and organizational position granted only one year after the death of the current 9th striped blackbelt or if the 10th degree blackbelt dies and the 9th degree is moved to the 10th degree spot. There is a one year waiting period after the death.
10th degree is the highest living level.
11th and up indicates a deceased master.

As of March 2022 Our organization top leaders have moved up due to the death of Master Banks in February 2021, and are as follows.

9th Degree – Matthew Plewes (President)
10th Degree – Samuel Cheeks (Retired)
11th Degree – Nicholas Banks (Deceased)
12th Degree – Ho Lee (Deceased)


1986-2009 History Below


Ron “The Black Dragon” Van Clief with Bruce “The Dragon” Lee (Top), Ron “The Black Dragon” Van Clief with Chuntian Academy Founder Matthew Plewes. (Fan Site)

Matt Plewes and wife visiting the Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong..




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