In the USA and Ready to get going!

We’re ready! Now starting new clubs.
The first members will be Charter Members and will receive lifetime special benefits and low tuition. School age children to Seniors adaptive programs. Smart, pragmatic, proven and fun. (Walter’s Va.) Contact us for more information or about sponsoring a club in your area or facility. www.chuntianacademy.com email: chuntianac@yahoo.com



AICEL21でのマンスリークラスも再開予定です! 現時点では日付は設定されていません。 すぐにもっと情報が得られるはずです。 初回無料セミナーは2月下旬~3月上旬を予定しております。

We are planning to start having monthly classes at AICEL 21 again! No dates are set at this time. We should have more information soon. We are aiming for late February or early March for the first free seminar.

無料のB.E.A.R.を行う予定です。 静岡のダウンタウンにあるAICEL 21でのChuntian Academyセミナーの紹介。 このセミナーは無料ですが、オンラインで登録するか、054-340-0676 に電話する必要があります。

We are planing to do free B.E.A.R. and Introductory to Chuntian Academy Seminars at AICEL 21 in downtown Shizuoka. This is a free seminar, but you need to register online or call 054-340-0676.
Register with the QR CODE below.


Online lessons and certification begins!

-How the online classes work:
1. Sign up here- Sign up here (click)

2. Pay via Paypal (Liberty English School account) ¥1800 ($15) Entrance Fee and receive the Online access page password and accessibility to the instructors.

3. Grab a partner, watch the video and practice each technique slow and gradually working faster, until you are comfortable and smooth. Remember it is about quality not speed. 100 reps is recommended. Then move to the next technique.4. After you have completed video 1, request a test via Zoom or Messenger.
The techniques will be called out to you and you will demonstrate whilst the certification instructor watches. If you pass. Move to video 2, repeat process. When completed, contact for online test. If passed. Do the same with the final and 3rd video.5. Don’t rush, study and practice diligently. The instructor will be honest and fair when testing.6. Tests are ¥1800 ($15) each. ($45 for the step tests. Each test should be paid in advance. Total cost: $45 USD.
After passing all three video techniques, you will receive a personalized PDF attractive certificate. Certificate included in the testing fees. (Note: If you fail the test, you can retest for ¥2000 or $15 USD.Testing for Instruct-ship is an option.7. When all three tests are passed, you can do a demo seminar showing student(s) how to do the techniques of each three videos.8. After you satisfactorily demonstrate your ability to teach, you can receive an instructor patch and certification with diploma for a final testing fee of (¥7000) or $75. This includes a listing and membership to our INTERNATIONAL COMBAT MARTIAL ART INSTRUCTORS and patch and 1 year membership.Note: All payments handled via Paypal. Instructor certification is for 1 year. A revision or updated video and check will be needed to do in 1 year. Year Fee is $30

大人クラス開講中! 子供のレッスンは冬休みのためお休みで、2023 年 3 月 4 日から再開します。
屋外の子供向けクラスは冬休みで、2023 年 3 月 4 日まで閉鎖されます。
彼らは、オンラインで冬のトレーニング ドリルやフォームに参加できます。 ZOOM 土曜18:00~18:30に月額2,000円で参加できます。
2022 年 11 月
The outside in person children’s class is on Winter Break and closed until March 4, 2023.
They can join winter workout drills and forms online. It can be joined on ZOOM Saturdays 18:00-18:30 for ¥2000 a month.
We また、12 月には、メンバー向けのオンライン アクセス ビデオと、特別プログラム用のオンライン ライブ レッスンを作成します。

– くま。 – 基本的なエスケープと実行。 スマートでシンプルな脱出テクニック。

– 詳細は後でお知らせします…
Bruce Lee’s birthday after class on November 26. Movie highlights, interviews and demo video footage.
11 月 26 日の授業の後、ブルース・リーの誕生日を祝いました。映画のハイライト、インタビュー、デモ ビデオの映像。

Also, in December we will make online accessible videos for members and Online live lessons for our special programs:
-Improvised Weapons (Pen, Chair, Cane, Stick, umbrella, etc.)

– B.E.A.R. – Basic Escape and Run. Smart and simple escape techniques.

– more announcements later…
また、12 月には、メンバー向けのオンライン アクセス ビデオと、特別プログラム用のオンライン ライブ レッスンを作成します。

– くま。 – 基本的なエスケープと実行。 スマートでシンプルな脱出テクニック。

– 詳細は後でお知らせします…


CONGRATULATIONS to K.Nakamoto on his promotion to Blue Sash (4th Class)in the long program!


ショートプログラムB.E.A.R.で認定してくださった中本さん、おめでとうございます。 少林拳の長いプログラム、詠春拳の基礎とJKDの概念で、5級から4級のストライプに昇格しました。
CONGRATULATIONS TO Mr. K. Nakamoto for certifying in the short program B.E.A.R. and being promoted to 5th Class-4th Stripe in the long programs of Shaolin Kung fu, and Wing Chun fundamentals and JKD concepts.
Sihing Nakamoto


先生は国際的な武道家の殿堂に選ばれました。 これは、伝説と武道のトップリーダーによって投票された世界で最高のものだけに高い名誉です!
Our Teacher was personally nominated and inducted into the Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame class of 2022 by the legendary Ron “The Black Dragon” Van Clief.


Master BANKS Passed Away.

Late, Great Grandmaster Nicholas Banks. Posthumously 11th Rank Black Belt.
(1943-2021) Master Cheeks teacher.
William Nicholas Banks, Jr. was born to William Nicholas Sr. and Etta Brown Banks on October 21, 1943.
In December 1971, Nick married the love of his life, Alfreda Ward, and that union has stood the test of time. For over 50 years, they have had a solid bond of love, commitment, and devotion. They experienced all the joys and challenges of their life’s journey together hand in hand, and with heart filled love. Five more children were added to their family circle during this marriage.
Nick’s work history included employment with the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company and the Longshoreman Company in Norfolk. Nick was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and mind set and during his lifetime, he embarked on several businesses which reflected his interest in the creative arts and community service.
As a young man, Nick opened the Man of War Karate School, 15 in total, where he taught martial arts and street-smart self-defense to many of the youth in the community. He made sure they learned Christian values, discipline and respect for themselves and others. He delighted in taking the young people to karate tournaments held around the state of Virginia. He had a professional fighting team that competed and were victorious in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. His goal was to improve the lives of community youth. He responded when they asked him to sponsor dances for them at the Shipyard Building located next to Huntington High School. That he did on Friday nights bringing in a local disk jockey and inviting his Mother to host the snack bar. His commitment to youth in the community was strong and never ending. This was further demonstrated when he created the Etta Banks Scholarship Fund in his Mother’s memory to support young people’s educational pursuits.