Chuntian Academy International (CAI)was based in Shizuoka, Japan from 2001-2023 serving various locations and available for seminars and workshops through out Japan. Chuntian Academy will rebase in Virginia in August 2023. CAI KUNG FU or Chuntian Kempo (Shorinji)Goshinjutsu, which means: Shorinji means Shaolin Fist, Kempo a generic term tor martial arts and Goshinjutsu, meaning the Art of Self Defense in Japanese.

Our defense concepts are a fusion of proven ancient martial arts and Modern defense concepts. A pragmatic close-range Hong Kong Gung fu, And Skills acquired by Master Plewes living in Asia (Japan) for 22 years.

The teacher: Matthew Plewes,(www.Mattplewes.com) is a 46 year practitioner of real-world defense. 24 years in America and more than 22 years in Japan. 1976-1982 Seikukan Karate-do under Master Terumasa Ogawa, 1984 to 2001 Five Animal Kung fu and Chin’na under Samuel Cheeks.

Plewes received his Blackbelt in 1988 and received his Full Master Teacher Certification in 2001.
From 1996-1999 Yang Style Tai Chi Quan and Qigong under Master Li Sun, member of Shanghai Tai Chi Quan Association. Since 2001 Master Plewes has been residing in Japan, teaching and researching fighting tactics of several non-sport Asian martial arts

Training – CAI-Defense techniques are based on scientific research of self-defense, tested and proven in the real world. The CAI methods of self-defense focuses on reflexes and natural body movements that do not require a lot of power and aims to avoid violence reflexively.
Our programs and philosophies stem from ancient martial arts techniques and functional police and military techniques suitable for the modern world.

CAI’s defense program teaches practical ways to prevent all kinds of violence and attacks. For maximum benefit , it is important to train under real world conditions, that are as close to the actual scenario as safely possible.
Using our unique and comprehensive learning, practicing and methods, you can acquire not only the skills to protect yourself and others, but also the skills to fight multiple attackers.

We teach the skills to confront real world threats. We practice in realistic settings and teach concepts and impov skills to defend and control random attacks, in simulated scenarios and places of everyday life, ie. (pubs, streets, parks, cars, toilets, mass transit, homes, buses, passenger planes).

The C.A.I. method is a practical system of self-defense. All angles and positions are designed to make it easy to perform the best control method at the highest speed even for a sudden attack.

Improvisational Self Protection Weapons: Many traditional martial arts are trained using old traditional weapons. For example, sword, nunchaku, tonfa, spear, bow. This training is fine as a hobby, but not a self-defense technique. None of these weapons are carried around on a daily basis, and many are not allowed outside the dojo. Even knives cannot be taken onboard planes and trains when traveling.

However, there are many potential self-defense aid weapons that are legal and available most places.
For example, ink pens, magazines, keys, umbrellas, canes, shoes, chairs and many more.
These items we call “improvised self-defense weapons”.

We teach how to use these everyday items to protect yourself functionally in multiple scenarios..

ONLINE: Beginning in 2023, our Improvised Weapons Courses will be available online.
Also, Our Special Short Program Self-Protection certification courses will be available online.

Contact us for more information. matt@plewescenter.com