CAI Japan – カンフー護身術

Chuntian Academy International (CAI) Real World Advanced Defense Systems is based in Shizuoka, Japan, serving 2 schools located in Shizuoka. Downtown and Ashikudo. We are available for scheduled out calls, and  available for seminars and workshops throughout Japan.  CAI was founded in 1984 in Virginia, USA. It has been headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan since 2001.

Chuntian Academy defense concepts are a fusion of proven ancient martial arts, Shaolin 5-Animal Kung Fu,  close-range Hong Kong Gung fu, and Modern Defense Concepts and influenced by fundamental Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

大切な人と自分を守るための武術教室: 静岡市で中国武術と護身術を学んでいる春天アカデミーのご紹介サイトへようこそ。

School 1 (静岡市葵区足久保口組2426)TEL. 054-366-0676

School 2 ( 静岡県静岡市駿河区登呂3丁目1-1) TEL.054-282-1191