I’m Back!!!

Suffolk, Va. (1988-2001)
911 W.Washington Street

Original School – Suffolk, Virginia

Chuntian Academy was founded by Formal
Instructor Matt Plewes along with his teacher Five-animal kung fu Master-teacher Samuel Cheeks in 1984.
The school was original Five-animal Kung fu and real world practical self defense and seize and control tactics based on Wing Chun and Five animal kung fu.
Several of the students were active police officers that gave regular feedback of the functionality of the techniques. During these years the present day system greatly advanced. Formal students and active teaching in America was from 1985-2001. The school relocated to Japan in 2001 to deepen research and studies in Japan and Asia.

Seminars in America are still available to sponsors and visits from Japan by at he main teacher Matt Plewes. Minimum of 15 participants. $500.00 one time sponsor fee. (Or a minimum of $2500 for up to 14)
Then $95.00 for each extra participant (26-50 people / $80.00 each) for a two-day 5 and 5 hour (10) hour workshop with certificate and a S.A.C.T. (Seize and Control Tactics) certification. Plus $95.00 each for the extra 4 hours for the S.A.C.T. Basic-Seminar-Instructor certification and ICMAIA membership.
Sponsor must provide advertisements, participants, facility. We teach and certify only and take care of our travel and other expenses.