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Most of this course is watching the videos, practicing the techniques and doing the drills with a partner at your own pace.
When you think your ready to test, contact us and we will arrange a ZOOM call and have you do a basic demo of the techniques. Usually 10-20 minutes.
Also, we can answer questions you may have.
Option: A prerecorded video of your techniques and show a picture ID on the video is acceptable if you don’t want to or are unable to ZOOM live.

Questions? email

-How the online classes work:
1. Sign up here:

2. Pay via Paypal (Liberty English School account) ¥1800 ($15) Entrance Fee and we will contact you about necessary details and give you the Zoom Classroom number and password.



3. Grab a partner, watch the video and practice each technique slow and gradually working faster, until you are comfortable and smooth. Remember it is about quality not speed. 100 reps is recommended. Then move to the next technique.

4. After you have completed video 1, request a test via Zoom or Messenger.
The techniques will be called out to you and you will demonstrate whilst the certification instructor watches. If you pass. Move to video 2, repeat process. When completed, contact for online test. If passed. Do the same with the final and 3rd video.

5. Don’t rush, study and practice diligently. The instructor will be honest and fair when testing.

6. Tests are ¥1800 ($15) each.
¥5000 ($40)for prepayment of all three step tests. (10% OFF)
Each ¥1800 ($15) test should be paid in advance. Before the ZOOM test or submitting a video.

After passing all three video techniques, you will receive a personalized PDF attractive certificate. (Frame not included)

Certificate included in the testing fees. (Note: If you fail the test, you can retest for ¥1200 or $10 USD.
Testing for Instruct-ship is an option.

If you want to continue to an RAW Instructor…

7. When all three tests are passed, you can do a demo seminar showing student(s) how to do the techniques of each three videos.

8. After you satisfactorily demonstrate your ability to teach, you can receive an instructor patch and certification with diploma for a final testing fee of (¥7000) or $75. This includes a listing and membership to our INTERNATIONAL COMBAT MARTIAL ART INSTRUCTORS and patch and 1 year membership.Note: All payments handled via Paypal. Instructor certification is for 1 year. A revision or updated video and check will be needed to do in 1 year. Year Fee is $30.

Let’s START!

Short Readily Available Improvised Weapons




Next Video #3
First, in this short “Quiz” pre-3 video, let’s see if you can find any of the potential weapons in stores. Some RAW WEAPONS we covered in the first 2 videos, other RAW we will learn how to implement in video #3.

Video #3 is in production. It will be a more comprehensive video of readily available weapons on person and in typical stores and places you go.
Please do videos in order.
You must complete videos #1 and #2 before proceeding to video #3.


Coming Soon!

B.E.A.R. Basic Escape and Run Tactics

Learn smart escapes from grabs, chokes and locks.
Also, Escape a barrage of overwhelming punches or your back against a wall.

Part 1: LOOSER – Get loose!
Escape and Counter overwhelming punches…

Video: 1- L.O.O.S.E.R.

Video: 2 – TWISTER (soon)

Video: 3 – PRESSURE POINTS (soon)