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Matt Plewes, Founder of Chuntian Scademy InternationalMatt Plewes, Founder of Chuntian Academy

Matt Plewes is originally from Hampton Roads, Virginia.
He lived the first 37 years of his life in Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia.
He lived in Japan Part-time from 1998 -2001 / From 2001 to present he lives in Japan Full Time, with a few weeks in Indonesia and Travel-study.

Job: Hanshi and Founder and International Director of Chuntian Academy International- Real World Defense Systems / E.S.L. Teacher, Community and Charity Services and Christian Missionary- Celebrant.

Proud Parent: Three Daughters, one son.
( ages 29, 16, 5 and 2 years old)


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Attributes: Open minded, peace seeking, generous, gives everyone 100% regardless of race, sex, religion or financial background.

Matt Plewes is originally from (Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach- Hampton Roads) area of Virginia, home of one of the worlds largest military establishments.

Director Matt Plewes has 39 years of self defense studies, 34 years of formal martial arts training and experience, 26 years in Kung fu, 22 years at Instructor / Teacher status and higher.

Matthew W. Plewes

President and founder of Chuntian Academy International.

Missionary, Interfaith Celebrant, Counselor, Proud Parent, Asian Travel & Martial Arts Researcher

S.B.S. T.V. Show "Colors" C.A.I. 20 minute featureS.B.S. T.V. Show "Colors" C.A.I. 20 minute featureSubject: "Ichioushi" = "Most Recommended Thing"
Nearly 4 decades in Martial Arts and Street Defense. Mr. Plewes' skills have been featured on- SBS-TV Japan ( above ).

Master Plewes is from Hampton Roads, Virginia U.S.A. He has resided in Japan the last 10 years.

Full Name: Matthew William Plewes , Age: 47

Matt first saw a karate demonstration at a Church event as a child. He was fascinated by the escape techniques, because at the same time he was very heavy into magic and a big fan of Harry Houdini. So, these escapes from an adults grasp were a huge interest.

It was at this time, with a step-by-step self defense book in hand and at the age of 8, he and his neighborhood friends started practicing self-defense escapes nearly daily. Matt actually typed, took pictures and hand made his own Self-defense book at 10 years old. During this time period and coincidentally, his uncle visited from out of town and gave him a karate uniform and did a basic demonstration. ( His uncle studied Tae Kwon Do from Jhoon Rhee in Washington). This made his interest and desire to formally study grow.

When in 1976, and at the age of 13, the first Martial Arts school finally came to town ( karate). He was one of the first students to join, and began his formal training. And the rest is history. Nearly 40 years after seeing that demonstration at his church, he has never lost steam and is still going strong.

Master Plewes, also being a Bruce Lee fan and a "Kung fu" TV show fan at 13 years old, was in the first group of the very first commercial karate classes in Suffolk, Virginia. ( 1976 )
At first a fan- enthusiast, then a student, then a very serious student and teacher, and now a master living in Asia, searching for the ultimate in martial arts and street defenses and personal cultivation.

Matt has studied with and taught police, security and military.

Matt is now the director and founder of Chuntian Academy International.
Headquartered in Japan and expanding to surrounding countries.
He now resides in Shizuoka, Japan where he operates a reality based self defense school.

He has been featured on national T.V., Newspapers, Radio and International fairs. (Japan). He does weekly classes at S.B.S.
( Shizuoka Broadcasting System )- Gakuen in Japan.

( A more detailed Biography below)

Matt started his training first in 1976, studying several years Shorinji Seikukan Karate under Master Terumasa Ogawa.

In 1984 he was introduced to the basic aspects and logic of Kung fu by
Sifu Samuel Cheeks, spending several years and achieving Instructor Status. Matt saw for the first time real kung fu. His understanding of kung fu before was the showmanship sport of Wushu, that even traditional mainland kung fu styles in and from China adopted to keep it legal and acceptable by the Chinese government and to also be allowed to teach to foreigners.

But this what Mr. Cheeks had was different. First of all it was Hong Kong style, away from the rules of the mainland government. Secondly, It was practical and not flashy. It was real defense. The first few months of Matt's training was trying to "un-do" his linear, robotic, power-based years of karate study.

Matt says Mr. Cheeks "opened his eyes" to the false securities and weaknesses of traditional, sport and "fad" styles. And the self-defeating, human notion of being "Fearless" is counter-constructive to 95% of the population. Use fear as your ally, it prepares you for fight or flight.

Matt also learned to his amazement, that you can have effectiveness and grace under fire, and don't have to be fearless and powerful and scream like a mad man. Have you ever seen Olympic Gold Medalist Scream. No, they're focused, confident and graceful as well as nervous and understand this is a good thing, the "adrenal burger" that prepares them. This also applies to real kung fu.

With new found logic, Matt continued studies in various "Street wise kung fu", in particular a Shaolin 5 - Animal (Wu Xing Quan) and Wing Chun "Hong Kong family style".

In 1985 Matt started a small club of his own named Chuntian Academy Martial Arts Club, He and his teacher still had joint classes together named Cheeks-Plewes Martial Arts. 1998 Matt founded and was Chief Instructor of the Chuntian Academy of Martial Arts and Oriental Studies downtown school in Suffolk, Virginia. Matt's teacher went back into retirement from teaching.

The New Chuntian Academy was a fully equipped school where the organized programs were further developed. The school had a store, traditional Chinese medicine access, gift shop, Asian foods, self defense products, training and martial art videos and books, a weight training area, a large training area, a spectator viewing area, even a sushi bar for private events and more.

Many of Matt Plewes's first commercial students were police officers, correction officers, security, active military, military veterans, frustrated blackbelts in other styles and so on.
With this mixture of professionals and the functional concepts of kung fu and chin na, this was the foundation of what Chuntian Academy is today.

In 2001 in a quest to further his martial arts expertise and to satisfy his interest in Asia, Matt moved to Shizuoka, Japan.

Since 1998 to present Matt is always researching martial arts of Asia or searching for various professionals, including martial art instructors of various street-wise styles, people who grew up and survived in dangerous ghettos of the big cities in America as well as around the world.

Matt has studied and trained with weathered and experienced police, security, military and prison professionals, etc. He has traveled to fundamentalist, third-world, and high risk advisory countries, living with local families, experiencing and studying the unfamiliar and very different cultures and safety concerns.

Matt also was certified as a Private Investigator and Emergency Medical Technician. He gained a lot of defense experience in Virginia, U.S.A. during the very violent 1980's, from knifes to even being on the wrong end of a gun.

Matt also has experience in event security and bodyguard work. Over the years he has combined the Hong Kong style's choice tactics and techniques applicable and useful in today's world with a learned variety of functional, practical, techniques from various styles and methods of defenses, attacks and controls suited for "today's" world, organized and broken down into a variety of progressive programs and seminars.

Matt still searches and travels in south east Asia in a quest to find the best martial arts and continues his life journey in martial arts to perhaps bring back his extensive research and acquired skills to America one day.

Now Director Plewes primarily teaches, but says he is always a student first. He has found some interesting styles in his life and studies in Asia.

Additionally, Director Plewes is involved in community clubs, seminars and education. He also has studied various cultures, languages and religions. Matt is a Inter-Faith, legally ordained minister, promoting world cultures and the common thread of most religions: Peace, Family and Love.

Matt has volunteered thousands of hours in his life to help local communities, from charities, free self-defense, volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician on an ambulance-rescue squad, as well started the only (In Japan) interfaith community club, that stresses inter-cultural cohesion and understanding, combined with sharing of cross cultural customs, religions, languages, martial arts, even cooking as well as travel support and home-stays in our various members countries.

Below are some old pictures of a younger Matt in the formative years of Chuntian Academy, and the first commercial school in Suffolk, Virginia.
Also Matt training with his teacher in 1988.
And Matt' teacher Master Cheeks with his teacher Master Banks 40 years ago. This is a video and image time-line, followed be testimonials along with legal, license and certification information

Video Memory Lane

( Pictures and Lineage below)

These videos show a time line from 1985-86 ( Student) to 2009 teacher. These clips are by no means a technical demonstration. It's Matt as a student, an instructor in the first Chuntian Academy Commercial School and in Japan on TV and showing very basic escapes and reaction drills to new students. We are searching old 8mm film home movies for the 1976-81 Karate period.
A brief look at the karate certificates and formal student acceptance paper certificate are in the following clips.


VIDEO OF A VIDEO ( Poor Quality ) We are looking for more footage.

Memory Lane

April 15th 2011 will be Chuntian Academy's 26th Anniversary.
Sorry for the grainy photos, they survived a house fire and water damage and are also a picture of a picture. Soon we will scan them and enlarge as well, to hopefully make them clearer.

Below are some old pictures of a younger Matt in the formative years of Chuntian Academy, and the first commercial school in Suffolk, Virginia.
Also Matt training with his teacher in 1988.
And Matt' teacher Master Cheeks with his teacher Master Banks 40 years ago.

Before Chuntian Academy, there was Cheeks-Plewes Martial Arts Club, Before that it was Man -O- War- Karate and Chinese Boxing

Master Holee - 1960 -
Man - o - War School - 1968 - Retired 1970s
Seikukan Shorin Ji Karate - Suffolk, Va.- 1976 - 1981
Cheeks - Plewes Martial Arts Club 1984 - 1988 - (1992)
Chuntian Martial Arts Club- 1985 - 1998
Chuntian Academy of Martial Arts and Oriental Studies - 1998 - 2003
Suffolk, Virginia
Chuntian Academy International Clubs - 2001 - present
H.Q. Shizuoka, Japan

TERUMASA OGAWATERUMASA OGAWA: Matt's First Formal Teacher: 1976-1981

Man-O-War  ( Wu Xing - Wu Su )  circa 1974: Master Banks and First Rank CheeksMan-O-War ( Wu Su / Wu Xing Quan) circa 1970: Master Nicholas Banks and Assistant Samuel Cheeks
Man - O - War Class  circa 1970: Wu Su ( Wu Xing Quan ) Kung FuMan - O - War Class circa 1970: Wu Su ( Wu Xing Quan )

Matt Plewes 1985  Age 23:  First Year Kung, Still wearing Prized Karate-giMatt Plewes 1986 Age 23: Second Year Wu Xing Student- First Assistant, sometimes wore his prized Karate-gi / " Uniforms and Belts aren't important, street ability is. " Master Cheeks ( Yes the kick is staged for the picture)

Matt Plewes with Master Cheeks 1988 : Finally No Karate-gi - 2 months from 1st RankMatt Plewes with Master Cheeks 1988 : About 2 months before 1st Rank Test

First Commercial School - Club: 911Washington, Suffolk, Va,  circa. 1998
First Commercial School - Club: 911Washington, Suffolk, Va, circa. 1998

Training Area Suffolk of School    1998Training Area of Suffolk School 1998
School's Private Sushi BarSchool's Private Sushi Bar
Promotion Ceremony   1998Promotion Ceremony 1999
First Assistant John Pevahouse   2000Teacher 5th Rank Matt Plewes with First Assistant John Pevahouse 2000

In Japan 2001 to Present

S.B.S. T.V. Show "Colors"C.A.I. 20 minute feature: A popular T.V. show in which Chuntian Academy was featured.S.B.S. T.V. Show "Colors"C.A.I. 20 minute feature: A popular T.V. show in which Chuntian Academy was featured.

Karl Emerson with Teacher Plewes - Second Assistant - 2006Karl Emerson - Second Assistant Promotion with Director Plewes - 2006Sheik Ally - First Assiatant Promotion - 2006Sheik Ally - First Assistant Promotion with Director Plewes - 2006

Chuntian Academy - Japan 2007Chuntian Academy - Japan 2007

Newspaper Advertisement by SBS-TV - 2009: "PC.A.I. practical Self Defense From America"Newspaper Advertisement by SBS-TV - 2009: "C.A.I's. Practical Self Defense From America"

CAI-SBS Self Defense Club - Japan 2010New SBS- TV / Gakuen Self Defense Club - Japan 2010

First Japan Office and Classroom

Destroyed by house fire and water damage in 2008

First CAI-Japan OfficeFirst CAI-Japan Office

Our New Location in Shizuoka, Japan

New C.A.I. Offices  - 2008- Present: ReceptionNew C.A.I. Offices - 2008- Present: Reception

New C.A.I. Community Room: 2008 - PresentNew C.A.I. Community Room: 2008 - Present

New C.A.I. Classroom - 2008 to Present: Languages / Security Programs Class PortionNew C.A.I. Classroom - 2008 to Present: Languages / Security Programs Class Portion

C.A.I. Interfaith Chapel: 2008 - PresentC.A.I. Interfaith Chapel: 2008 - Present

C.A.I. Defensive Tactics Practice Room : 2008 - presentC.A.I. Defensive Tactics Practice Room : 2008 - present

Training Studio in JapanTraining Studio in Japan

The Main School is primarily for Classroom - Academic study, Administrative duties, Chapel, Community Club and meetings. Most Defense classes are done off location at various venues. Mainly, Shizuoka Broadcasting System SBS - Gakuen locations in Shizuoka Perfecture and AICEL 21.



We can provide many testimonials over a long period of time. However we will post some recent tesimonials from students from the past that have actually used my teachings in the REAL WORLD several times.

( These gentlemen can be found on Facebook if you need direct confirmation).

From John Ravis

Addressed to Matt Plewes,

" I am PROUD to have been a student of yours and I am proud to say so! I learned alot of techniques from you and I know that you are a truly HONORABLE teacher, who instructs practical real world techniques that work in real world situations . I used some of these techniques on the street as a police office and I can attest that your teaching methods are both pratical and usable. One occasion comes to mind. In 1997, I was instructing a young rookie police officer. I was assigned as his field training officer. we ran into a bad situation with a violent drug user who had assaulted several people. As we arrived on the scene, my rookie assisted several other officers that were attempting (fighting with) to take this violent offender into custody. All of their attempts were failing. As all parties rolled around on the ground, the officers were not able to handcuff this drugged up suspect. Pain comliance was not working. I waded into the crowd and managed to use a CHI NA technique that you had taught us and that we had practiced in your classroom many times, on the susupect. Using this method, we managed to place the suspect (finally) under arrest. The police officers with me were amazed at how well this technique worked. They all joked afterward and told the Duty SGT. that I was using "NINJA MOVES" as they put it. Bottom line up front: Your teachings and the techniques are real martial arts tools that I keep in my bag when I face a bad guy. I am no hero, just a normal guy trying to make my community safe. Thank you Sir for caring and giving your students the ability to protect themselves and others ".

John Ravis
February 2010


From Doyle Gillis, Jr.

"I have known Matt Plewes since I was a teenager so here goes. In 1985, i believe it was, Matt started teaching me as a part of his studies of Kung Fu. While i have not studied, formally, in years i have used a good many things Matt taught me. Actually i'm not sure he even realizes that... At any rate, after training with Matt i joined the Army, eventually becoming a member of the National Guard currently in my third combat tour. Ok, that's nothing special but in my full time job I became a police officer. I did that job fro 25 years, 17 as a member of the SWAT team. Trust me when I say...i've been in fights. The things taught to me by Matt were reinforced by police training and my Army training and the best part...they work. I found Matt's instruction to be firmly grounded in reality and completely sound from an operational perspective."



Chuntian Academy International

Operated by Matthew W. Plewes


The following Legal Notices and Documents pertain to Chuntian Academy International:

Chuntian Academy International

Operated by Matthew W. Plewes

Japan Ministry of Justice:
Registration No. MOJ 417038623

Chuntian Academy International Clubs is an educational, non-profit, public benefit organization. We are totally independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or organized religion. We are the controlling and organizing body of all of Chuntian Academy programs, seminars, lectures, certifications etc.

*We are registered with the Government of Japan, where our international operations are headquartered. We are a individual managing organization of groups and clubs. We are independent. However, our founder and director Matthew Plewes has memberships with other organizations for friendships, communications with other styles and martial art teachers. It is recognized that phony teachers may be members of these associations. But our director is confident he knows what is real or not. "use what is useful, dis regard what is useless"- Bruce Lee.

NOTE: We were accused of being phony by a informal website chat forum of a few martial art enthusiast that put up negative threads of the name of our director and comments and never attempting to contact us. We have since cleared things up, yet some old threads remain out there on-line.They didn't believe all the classes and time put in by our director, Matt Plewes. They found it amusing that he studied lip reading and other skills associated with his training as a private investigator.
Our website had a Resume that "highlighted" a list of our certifications. In Japan CV/Resumes are required to list every detail and often every course taken. In America and other places, they only want the basics. More than one page is not advisable. In Japan however, on the contrary, several pages are common as details are desired. We understand (in hindsight) that by listing all the classes and studies of the private investigator course as well as the different martial arts we encountered in our 3 decades of study in America and 1 decade in Asia.... It seemed "Jason-Bourne-like". They want this itemization of skills and classes in Japan. However, it appears inflated and padded to western readers.

Also note, we live in and frequent Indonesia, Japan and America; we had our school and program translated into the respective languages. This other (investigative) website's forum misunderstood these as different styles, yet it was only translations. They seem to falsely believe that everything is on the internet or from America. We realized the way things were worded could be misleading to people not familiar with Chuntian Academy and how things work outside of American-based organizations or martial arts. That often martial arts, that are from Asia are very different in America. Terminology, ranking, organizing, standards and government over site are different or in the case of government oversight - not existent in America.

Since our website reaches these uninformed people via the web, we have since modified everything to keep it clear and are very forth coming about any information. Our standards are some of the highest in Japan in order to obtain instructor status. We are as legal and legit as any organization in Japan, and the international community, and more legal than most unlicensed "associations" in United States and other countries in which there are no "real" regulatory boards or other measures that prevent self-proclaimed experts or black belts. We have a professional, peer reviewed and government complied board of standards. We pride ourselves on having high standards with only a few chosen instructors. We don't understand the mass production black-belt mills and children black-belts that some organizations promote or brag about. We think that undermines the credibility of all martial arts schools. We intentionally are independent for the very reason to maintain the best standards and have a reputation for the highest quality.

To Whom it May Concern,

C.A.I. Director Matt Plewes, has 40 years of study, 34 years formally. "Formally" meaning with a certified or government recognized teacher or master. ( U.S.A. and Japan). He is known to research and explore many martial arts. Not in a quest nor has he or does he attempt to event a new style. Only improve upon an adaptable, functional defense system based on real world concepts and problems. No style is mentioned as ours. We have a kung-fu "based" self defense system that is always being tweaked. It "borrows" concepts and techniques from many styles. It is not considered mixed. Just eclectic in nature.
However, It has been referred to as "Tri-angle based" Martial Arts/ Self Defense in the past. This is because of the triangle drills and footwork borrowed from Wing Chun Concepts. As Matthew Plewes frequents, lives and teaches in Japan and Indonesia. The translated terms were used in the past. i.e. Sankaku Kempo ( Literal translation in Japanese: Triangle -China Hand Martial Arts and Segitiga Pencak Silat: Translation- Triangle-Martial Arts in Indonesia).

These translations were used for communication at the local level with said countries. However, some internet people mistook theses as different styles or schools, yet they were mere translations. They are not styles, just an eclectic self protection program.
These translations and references have been removed from this website and are no longer used. We simply say C.A.I. Defense Systems now.

The school and it's self-defense programs and teachings are licensed and legally co-ordinated and taught by Matthew William Plewes, in the country of Japan under the Japan Ministry of Justice Registration No. 417038623

Thank you,
Tetsuo Sugiyama
Chuntian Academy International
Legal Counsel


Chuntian Academy

a.k.a :

Chuntian Academy International
Chuntian Academy International Defense Systems
Chuntian Academy International Advanced Defense Systems
Chuntian Academy of Martial Arts and Oriental Studies
Chuntian Academy Martial Arts Federation
Chuntian Academy International Interfaith Services and Chapel

Chuntian Academy is a public benefit organization.

At Chuntian Academy, we have always had a board of quality and standards.
Matt Plewes is the founder and director but by no means authoritarian.
The board of certified professionals have equal power and input, to assure quality of professional services and shared skills.

Nearly ALL Martial Art Schools are not governmentally accredited, and most Martial Arts Associations, Organizations and Federations (especially in America) are not as well. Japan and China and a very few other places, yes or some what.

We at C.A.I. teach Martial arts, Humanities, Languages and more.

To be truly accredited, in most countries, the government has agencies control accreditation. In America, education accreditation is done through several Government approved organizations, keyword "approved". Many are not recognized by the United States Department of Education (D.O.E.), and those that are non-religious that are not recognized through the D.O.E. should be avoided. Especially if they are medical or health based. These internet or distance learning "degrees", especially Phds and Doctorates are time bombs in your Resume or CV, and an illusion to you and your students that will most likely bite you eventually.

At Chuntian Academy, we are aware and strongly dislike the fact that some schools offer black belt fast tract programs, certificates, children black belts as well Diploma and even Accreditation mills. Degrees of various levels are available on the internet for a "fee" with little training, no training or so-called "life-experience" recognition.

C.A.I. strongly disapproves of these practices. These practices are a deadly illusion and should be outlawed, as it is a public safety concern.
REAL Training from REAL teacher and REAL experience is 9/10th of education, not price, belt colors, trophies or fancy certificates, remember that.

Importantly, we at Chuntian Academy are not a Black Belt or Certification Mill. Our certificates are meant to be complimentary to real world professions or life skills, and only awarded for demonstration of actual defense ability and skills and not for time, fees or anything else. All certificates are signed and approved by our professional accredited board members. Professional instructorship students must also have the necessary Criminal Justice certifications as well.
Only our higher honorary teacher ranks are based upon years of teaching experience. This is for student reference and only valid within the Chuntian Academy community of international clubs and or directly affiliated organizations.


Our management members and Standards Board with Government or International Accreditation.

Title.......Name.......Governmental Accepted Accreditations (only)
Other certificates exist, this is the main and historical documents that pertain to our operations.

President, Matthew Plewes, Teacher

Han Japan Karate Do Association,
Virginia Emergency Medical Services - EMT
Virginia Criminal Justice Services - Private Investigator

Vice President, Karl Emerson, Teacher

Japan Karate Association. Black Belt instructor ( England - Japan)

Board Member, Juli Kristanti, Teacher

Indonesian Tiga Penchat Silat Association
Graduate Surabaya University,
Nihon University.

Board Member, Sheik Azmir Ally, Teacher

Veteran Singapore Military
(General Military and Jungle Warfare).

Board Member, Tetsuyuki Terada, Legal Liaison

Board Member, Atsushi Kawaguchi, SBS Bureau Chief

Other Business and Compliance members listed soon

Certificates and Diplomas

we are very hesitant to post certificates for security and fraudulent use.
We will place a security bar, or a zoomed portion only, so the whole world doesn't have clear access to use as a template.

Matt's 1st to 5th Rank promotions were strictly for skill, expert defense and teaching abilities. Matt's rank of 6th, 7th and currently, 8th Rank is based on years of experience and service as an active teacher, as set up in the 1988 founding charter.
This style of ranking was and is still done in some Korean and Chinese schools for teacher experience as in ours. We have always used it and don't see a problem as long it you can document the "time" and have students or letters proving consistent students during that time.
Matt doesn't have "paper" certificates for 1st to 5th Rank. Instead, his teacher gave him colored silks or sashes. The teacher level sash was his teacher's very own. Matt wishes to also give that sash away when and if he has a student successfully achieve 5th Rank and starts the personal journey of the Honorary Master Levels.
Silks ( not sashes ) written on with brushes and using blood for ink by the fighting monks, was and may still be used at the REAL Shaolin Temple by real disciples.
Now-a-days for most schools it's paper. Chuntian Academy started issuing paper certificates and silk sashes since 1988 - present, for qualified progressing students and / or teachers.

"There are many ways to learn, but experience is the best teacher"
We are attempting to locate old photos to establish a time line. Also, we are still in contact with many students that go all the way back to the beginning of Chuntian Academy that have or wil give testament of time and skills taught at Chuntian Academy. ( See Testimonials at bottom of page )

The belt color levels is a Japanese invention that is also adopted by other schools, styles and organizations. At the end of the day, your level, belt or rank is only valid within the club, association or school you use. It is not valid in other styles or outside your schools circle. And it means absolutely nothing on the street.

In Matt's case and only for a basic reference for a starting time line for his over 3 decades of martial arts and defense study, we will temporarily post an early certificate with old pictures to help document a time line.

From the beginning: Seikukan Karate; 1976-1981

1980- License

From the beginning: Seikukan Karate; 1976-1981

1980- License
Seikukan Karate Do License: with Security Bar Seikukan Karate Do License: with Security Bar

Top Portion of LicenseTop Portion of License
Terumasa Ogawa Signature/ DateTerumasa Ogawa Signature/ Date

Video Memory Lane

( Pictures and Lineage below)

These videos show a time line from 1985-86 ( Student) to 2009 teacher. These clips are by no means a technical demonstration. It's Matt as a student, an instructor in the first Chuntian Academy Commercial School and in Japan on TV and showing very basic escapes and reaction drills to new students. We are searching old 8mm film home movies for the 1976-81 Karate period.
A brief look at the karate certificates and formal student acceptance paper certificate are in the following clips.


VIDEO OF A VIDEO ( Poor Quality ) We are looking for more footage.

Below; follow Director Plewes on Twitter. He is usually on his website chats, then Facebook and once in a while Twitter,